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Best Micro-Influencer agency for Tech Companies across multiple tech domains. The only company that can execute B2B Tech Influencer Marketing Campaigns successfully.


Our Clients

Transparent Pricing

We charge you only when we either get the micro-influencer to publish content about your Software/Service or you do not pay.

Largest Dataset

We have a dataset of 1M+ Tech micro-influencers, segregated into multiple smaller niches. We help you find the perfect influencers.

Find Influencers from your community

Our platform enables us to identify the ideal influencer for you (the best influencer is someone you already know)

Extensive experience

We have worked with many small and medium-sized brands by helping them find the most appropriate micro-influencers, thus we know which influencers would work best for your company

Personal Relationship

Having worked in the industry for 19+ years, we have established relationships with decision makers and influencers for those decision makers; this can help you with a very quick turnaround.

Efficient tracking

We will help you setup a mechanism to efficiently track your efforts and expenses on an influencer project and the ROI they are generating for you. We help you map KPIs with expenses

What kind of platforms do we serve?

  • Around the globe, 55% of tech audiences use Linkedin as a channel for upskilling or learning new things in their industry.

  • The micro-influencers on this platform are directly in touch with the audience that take decisions at organizations that are on your target audience.

  • Micro-influencers on this platform produce content that rationalizes the usage of your product/services.

  • We can help you create a wave using multiple micro-influencers who produce content on Linkedin.

  • 60% of the general audience uses Twitter to talk, engage and build relationships with each other.

  • The micro-influencers here initiate and engage your target audience in a very fulfilling conversation showing them the benefits of your software/service

  • The decision-makers/ your target audience learn about your software/service using user-generated content.

  • We help you create a trend using micro-influencers who produce content on Twitter

Producthunt (ideal for a Go-to-market strategy)
  • Producthunt is the main platform used by other entrepreneurs to check the software that they should try.

  • We help you find product hunters in your niche. These product hunters are very well followed by entrepreneurs on Producthunt and other platforms.

  • These product hunters would try your software and help you launch your software on Product hunt

  • We help you find a hunter and rank your product for the day on a product hunt.

  • Mastodon is a platform ideal for you if you are building software that helps developers ease their development process.

  • A lot of developers are using Mastodon, as their Go-to platform for gathering new knowledge and engaging with like-minded people

  • We help you discover and engage micro-influencers on mastodon, who would be willing to publish about your software to their community.

Tiered Transparent pricing

The Meeting plan
Completely success-driven plan. We charge you only for the meetings we get you. The plan works best for people who want just a few influencers


Per Meeting
  • Success Driven pricing
  • A minimum commitment of 10 meetings
  • We communicate your Value proposition and incentive to them and bring them to meet you.
The Publishing plan
Wish to get 100s of influencers talking about you? We can help. We can communicate with them to get them to publish about your brand.


Per Post
  • Success driven pricing
  • Success driven pricing
  • We communicate get them to publish and provide you with results.
The Data plan
This plan is perfect if you just wish to download data and have the manpower to scout for influencers on your own. Map your community for influencers


One time
  • Full Map of your 5000 audience
  • Highlight their influence score
  • All of their social conversations from 6 months
  • Their social media profiles across 8 portals
How does B2B Tech influencer marketing help you?

According to a research

Build influence

42% of respondents stated that they would try a tech product if marketed to them by an influencer in their niche

Impact advertising

36% of respondents said micro-influencer marketing is the most efficient form of advertising in the tech domain

Increased Trials

62% of respondents agreed that in the B2B tech industry, micro-influencer marketing works better than celebrity endorsements.

Where can this help

Improved Branding

When multiple micro-influencers will publish about your brand, your brand awareness and recall would improve

Quickly test product-market fit

Micro-influencer marketing is the fastest way to test a product market fit.

More free trials

Micro-influencer marketing can help SaaS companies capture leads that have a need and are willing to try your software

Trustworthy lead generation

While all other platforms provide you with a lot of spam leads, micro-influencer marketing provides the best quality leads.

Low cost

Even when they are high quality, these leads come at a very low cost, as they are generated from the most trustworthy sources.

What people want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our services

It is not mandatory to enrol to the data plan if you are enroling to the meeting plan. But if you need access to the data yourself also then the data plan is mandatory.

In the meeting plan we do not take responsibility of getting the influencers to post about you, while in the posting plan we do

For a meeting plan the minimum commitment is of 10 influencers and for the posting plan the minimum commitment is for 50 influencers