Here is a first blog post describing the structure of this ecosystem and its dynamic. Let’s start with the BIG picture:

Map of Community Managers

In this map, every single square is a person or a brand ; links show follow, retweet, quote relations and the size of the hallow around a square is indicative of the person/company/media influence.

We clearly have three groups:

  • The Red group is a group of “Developer Relations”.

  • The Blue group is a group of Community Managers, mainly B2B

  • The Green group is a group of Community Managers in Gaming

There is a lot of insight/intelligence that you can get listening to this large group of community managers:

  • identifying influencers

  • understanding trends

  • reaching out to people on diverse social platforms

  • looking at your “footprint” (i.e who is following you) and the footprint of your competitors

  • identifying top content

  • preparing events

  • finding people in your geo

  • and many more

Here is an interesting map, where we colored in blue the people who have talked about dao or web3 in the last three months. Since the graph is “dynamic”, this time, the B2B communities cluster is on the left, the Devrel in the middle, and the gaming on the right.

What eCairn offers is more specifically tailored to the micro-influencer group you see on the right.

DAO in community management

As we can see, a huge % of B2B and DevRel community managers talked about DAO & Web3 in the last 3 months and only a few community managers from the gaming industry.

We also see that there is no “cluster” for DAO i.e mentions of DAO are distributed evenly amongst the two big clusters.

If we focus on the most influential people in this ecosystem, talking frequently about web3 & dao, here is our top 5.

Pictured: Community marketing map

——- Relevance to the Topic ——- Influence in this group -—— Overall reach

We will publish more posts about the Community Managers community.

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